Welcome to the home page of the Mississippi Civil Defense Emergency Management Association. This site is dedicated to the emergency management professionals it is intended to serve.

The Mississippi Civil Defense Emergency Management Association (MCDEMA) represents its members who make up the professional emergency management community of Mississippi – State – County – Municipality – and Tribal.


The purpose of the Association is to advance and improve the profession of emergency management through education, increased public awareness, and professional development in the staet of Mississippi; to promote the interchange of programs, ideas and best practices in the profession in the state; and to create and promote a feeling of fellowship and understanding among and between county governments, municipal governments, state government and the emergency managers/civil defense directors and staff in each of the aforementioned governments and the citizens they represent. The Association shall be non-political.

Upcoming Events

August 25, 2011 - First Memorial Wall Ceremony (State EOC)

August 25, 2011 - Annual Business Meeting (Mississippi Ag Museum)

November 14-16, 2011 - MCDEMA Mid-Winter Conference (Hattiesburg, MS)


Emergencies and Sports Betting

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